Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 4 Recap

Can you believe that we have been in school for 4 weeks??!!! We welcomed in a new month with a short week.  We start each day in our class by saying "Today is [day of the week], September ##,2012" then we assign our jobs for the day and say how many days we have been in school, today was 22. Our daily jobs are Line Leader, Blessing Leader, Flag Holder, and Chairs (this person puts out the chairs before snack and puts them back up after lunch).  The 1st question I am asked each day is what is my job?. We added the letter Oo this week and the number 5.  Today was a great day with Grandparents Appreciation Day.  We enjoyed having the grandmas and grandpas visit with us for cookies and lemonade.  Thanks to the Home Ec class for making the cookies. They were awesome!!!! You should have received a letter in your child's homework packet with some activities for September.  Our class has decided to adopt one of our wonderful military personnel serving overseas.  We will be praying for and sending cards and letters to one of our friend from class' daddy.  Have a great weekend!!!

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